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[2013-08-15]   REVIEW: 'Elysium' is Imaginative But Falls Short
[2013-08-15]   REVIEW: 'Lovelace' A Smart Look At First Porn Star
[2013-08-09]   REVIEW- There's way too many guns in '2 Guns'
[2013-08-09]   REVIEW- 'Smurfs 2' is a largely unwarranted sequel
[2013-08-01]   REVIEW- Only Jackman Makes 'Wolverine' Interesting
[2013-08-01]   REVIEW- 'The To Do List' is an Evocative Teen Romp
[2013-07-26]   REVIEW- Not Much to Forgive in 'Only God Forgives'
[2013-07-26]   REVIEW- 'Conjuring' Scares Op Old-school Horror
[2013-07-19]   REVIEW- 'Pacific Rim' is Skillful - and Very Noisy
[2013-07-19]   REVIEW- 'Grown Ups 2' No Easier to Watch than No.1
[2013-07-16]   REVIEW- 'Despicable 2' Is Another Zany Escapade
[2013-07-12]   REVIEW- 'The Lone Ranger' Is A Runaway Train
[2013-07-05]   REVIEW- Bullock, McCarthy Turn It Up In 'Heat'
[2013-07-05]   REVIEW- Bloodsucking 'Byzantium' Draws Scant Blood
[2013-06-28]   REVIEW- Pitt And His Zombies Entertain In 'WWZ'
[2013-06-28]   REVIEW- 'Monsters University' Gets A Passing Grade
[2013-06-20]   REVIEW- 'This Is The End' Weirdly Compelling
[2013-06-20]   REVIEW- 'Bling Ring' Is Chilling – And Cold, Too
[2013-06-13]   REVIEW- Vaughn-Wilson's 'Internship' Silly but Fun
[2013-06-13]   REVIEW- Gimmicky 'Purge' Void of Distinction
[2013-06-06]   REVIEW- 'See Me' Isn't Magical Despite Great Cast
[2013-05-31]   REVIEW- 'Fast & Furious 6' is More of Everything
[2013-05-24]   REVIEW- 'Trek' Goes Not So Boldly Into Rehash Zone
[2013-05-16]   REVIEW- 'Aftershock' Fun But By-the-numbers Horror
[2013-05-16]   REVIEW- All Sparkle, No Soul in 'Great Gatsby'
[2013-05-09]   REVIEW- 'Iron Man 3' Loaded Down by Heavy Metal
[2013-05-09]   REVIEW- 'Love Is All You Need'? That's All You Get
[2013-05-02]   REVIEW- Bay's New Flick Is All Pain, No Gain
[2013-05-02]   REVIEW- 'Mud' Oozes Traditional Qualities
[2013-04-26]   REVIEW- Rodriguez Saves 'Filly's' Uneven Script
[2013-04-26]   REVIEW- Elegant If Familiar, 'Oblivion' Mesmerizes
[2013-04-18]   REVIEW - ‘42’ Is Classy But Tame Robinson Tale
[2013-04-18]   REVIEW - ‘Scary Movie’ Frighteningly Unfunny
[2013-04-11]   REVIEW- 'Upstream Color' a Bold, Artful Challenge
[2013-04-11]   Ebert Showed Willingness to Adapt to New Media
[2013-04-04]   REVIEW- 'The Host' is Slow, Silly and Soporific
[2013-04-04]   Capsule Reviews
[2013-03-28]   REVIEW- 'Admission' a Huge Waste of Fey and Rudd
[2013-03-14]   REVIEW- 'Dead Man Down' is Lifeless, Ludicrous
[2013-03-07]   REVIEW- Park Chan-Wook's Lurid Melodrama 'Stoker'
[2013-02-28]   REVIEW- 'Snitch' a Well-made Yarn about Drug World
[2013-02-28]   REVIEW- 'Ultima' an Earnest Coming-of-Age Tale
[2013-02-21]   REVIEW- 'Safe Haven' is Routine Romantic Thriller
[2013-02-21]   REVIEW- The Latest 'Die Hard' Movie Simply Won't
[2013-02-14]   REVIEW- 'Identity Thief ’ Has No Charge
[2013-02-07]   REVIEW- 'Warm Bodies' Could Use More Heat
[2013-01-31]   ANALYSIS- J.J. Abrams Good Fit for 'Star Wars'
[2013-01-31]   REVIEW- 'Parker' is Rather Perfunctory
[2013-01-24]   REVIEW- 'Mama' More Teasing than Shocking Horror
[2013-01-24]   J.J. Abrams to Produce Lance Armstrong Biopic
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