Dear Editor, 

I would like to add one more note about the killing of Gabriel, the 8-year-old kid who was murdered in Palmdale by his mother and her boyfriend.

Your article last week had a sentence which was overlooked by the official reports about this horrendous killing. We all know about the 6 Children Service Workers who were fired but are petitioning to get their jobs back ( hey will probably win because their union is strong). And by the way. why wasn’t the Deputy and Director and Director of the whole Dept. not punished.

Now what got my attention was how one Sheriff’s deputy, who investigated the abuse and saw Gabriel’s black eye and burns, and told him “You better stop making these allegations up or we are going to take you to jail.” I believe that the racism of the Palmdale Sheriff’s [Station] is well known and documented; in fact they have been investigated by the Civil Rights Commission.

But this deputy should be fired and charged with a crime for saying this thing to a defenseless 8-year-old child who had Law Enforcement as his last resort to stop the abuse.

Eugene Hernandez