New Technology Puts Homebound Students in Class and on Campus

Elijah, is now enrolled in an English class at Kennedy High School using VGo.  Previously, he was given home instruction due to his health condition, now he can attend class and interact with his teacher and fellow classmates with this new technology available at his LAUSD school. This robot is helping to facilitate education for students with special health needs.   Another student who now uses this technology is Christopher, a gifted artist.  He couldn’t participate in a traditional classroom for years due to his fragile health. Now, he attends Verdugo Hills High School without leaving his home. He ‘pilots’ a VGo system, a form of a robot, around the school’s campus. He can see, speak, ask and answer questions and also change locations. VGo allows him access to instruction and to socialize with other students in real time. Now, captain of his learning, he can sign onto VGo from anywhere and not miss a lesson. A third student, Destiny, uses a wheelchair but depended on VGo to continue her classes on the upper floors of Fairfax High School when the elevator was temporarily broken.