LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A Los Angeles resident wanted on a murder warrant for the February shooting death of a man in the Reseda area was in custody following his arrest over the weekend in Las Vegas, authorities said.

Donte Daley, 39, is being held in Nevada while arrangements are being made to bring him back to Los Angeles for trial, said Los Angeles police Capt. Paul Vernon.

Daley allegedly killed Matthew Hanna, 34, whose body was found on Feb. 28 in the victim’s residence in the 16400 block of Gilmore Street.

“He had been shot multiple times, one or more days prior to the discovery (of his body),” Vernon said.

Daley was taken into custody on Wednesday, June 3, after the vehicle he was driving nearly crashed into a police car in Las Vegas, Vernon said.

At first, Daley was held only on suspicion of possession for sale of prescription drugs and cocaine, Vernon said.

“Apparently, Daley styled himself as a bit of a celebrity,” Vernon said. “The arresting officer was incredulous when Daley asked, ‘Where are the TV cameras?’ and then quipped, ‘You know, I’m 187 out of Cali.’

“The Nevada officer had to ask a partner what that meant,” Vernon said. “Translation: Daley was wanted for murder in California.”