Alemany High Sends Off Stellar 2015 Class

Bishop Alemany High School bid farewell to its Class of 2015 on June 6, with a graduation ceremony at the College of the Canyons.

This year Alemany named three outstanding senior girls as the Co-Valedictorians. Sara Buchting, Lauren Garcia and Karen Reyes all share the honor this year referring to themselves as the “Trifecta” of Valedictorians.  Bishop Alemany High School graduated 365 seniors, with 111 seniors being recognized for their academic achievements.

The class of 2015 had students accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, MIT, Rose Hulman, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard and countless other colleges and universities. Ninety eight percent of the graduating seniors will go on and attend top colleges and universities.

Buchting and Garcia will both attend UCLA, while Reyes will attend Harvard University.

The Valedictorians told their classmates, “With this in mind, Class of 2015, let us go and write our own action packed heart wrenching, tear jerking, uplifting, laugh inducing stories.” The girls said, “Thank you to our teachers and parents who guided our hands as we learned how to write, helped us erase our mistakes, and made sure we didn’t start to write outside the lines.  We have the power to fix our own errors, we have the power to resolve our own conflicts, and we have the power to choose our own adventure.”

 Principal David Chambers also addressed the seniors and reflected on their future life’s work and calling, inviting them to focus on serving humanity and being good stewards of the earth’s gifts to mankind. He then, along with administrators, awarded the diplomas to the graduating seniors.