The Chase family (2000 photo)

(top l-r) Kimberly, Danielle, Nicole (bottom) Shirin, LeRoy

LeRoy Chase is president and CEO of the Boys & Girls of the San Fernando Valley in Pacoima, where he has worked for  47 years. He is also a father of three daughters — Kymberly, Nicole and Danielle — and is a grandfather to two boys and a girl. He has been married to wife Shirin for 50 years

“Despite economic challenges, he has always remained steadfast in his belief of providing a safe, well-maintained and clean facility that provides resources that serve the whole child and his/her family,” Nicole said. “It’s … a happy place for all young people, regardless of race, creed, religion, economic position, or any other factor that may separate a young person in their neighborhood or community.

“Everyday he fights to keep the doors of the Boys & Girls Club open. I know this because I (the middle daughter) see him work everyday, sometimes 6 or 7 days a week, often late into the evening and start all over in the wee hours of the morning. Somehow, someway my father always made time for his family.”

This Father’s Day, June 21, the daughters wanted to offer a special “thank you” to LeRoy Chase. Here are their thoughts and feelings about their dad.

From Kymberly

“Yes, I’m the first born…The one that introduced my dad to being a Father. A Father, a Dad, and amazing man that I have the privilege of calling my Daddy!

“He means so many things to me. As I envision my childhood to adulthood and think about him, I see his understanding heart. That is my source of strength and courage, right from the start. His constant readiness to help in a kind and thoughtful way has helped make me the woman I am today.

“He is full of encouragement and forgiveness no matter what comes his way. And his generosity and affection is a gift that will forever be a blessing thru eternity. In this month of honoring you, daddy…Thank you!!

“Thank you for extending your hand to raise me, your time to help me, and most importantly your heart to love me.”

From Nicole

“I am the middle daughter — the watcher, the orator, the thespian, the athlete, the concert producer, the fundraiser and so much more because my father instilled the belief that we can aspire to become anything we put my minds to. There is no such thing as a ceiling in our home.

“He was my first coach; the most difficult, yet challenging, inspirational and heroic boss I have ever worked for. The visionary who reminds us all that, through faith, we can weather any storm and persevere despite the odds that one may face daily.

“Whether we explored Bryce Canyon, admired the stars inIxtapa, danced salsa in Puerto Rico or swam in the blue waters of the Dominican, with every trip there was something to learn, a world to explore, and people to meet. However, the most important vacations often took place right there in the backyard, because it was with the whole family. My father always made sure that we understood the meaning and importance of family.

“My father taught me how to be strong, remain level-headed and sensible. In the face of trouble, he reminded me of our foundation, enabling me to gather the strength to fight back. He taught me the enduring lessons of hard work and sincerity, of dedication, commitment, the reminder to stay grounded, and the ability to be humble and compassionate.

“It is for all these gifts and more that I say thank you Daddy for being my hero, mentor, coach, advocate and more (even BOSS).  I am proud to be your daughter and I love you infinitely.”

From Danielle

“I am the youngest. I have been blessed with an absolutely wonderful father. He is a man that has always and will always be there for me.

“He loves me unconditionally and always supports me. He is one of my biggest fans as I am one of his. My three children have the pleasure to have an absolutely wonderful grandfather.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy. I love you and thank you for all you do. You mean the world to me and my three children.”

As a final note from the daughters:

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

Thank you everyone for allowing us to share a piece of our father with all of you.