LONG BEACH (CNS) – California State University Chancellor Timothy White and nearly 30 other CSU executives will receive 2 percent raises thanks to increases approved Tuesday, July 21, by the university system’s Board of Trustees.

The raises will become effective July 1.

White’s salary will increase to $430,746, up from $422,300. His salary includes a $30,000 supplement from a private foundation. Six CSU vice chancellors will also receive raises, along with all of the CSU system’s campus presidents.

CSU officials noted that the university system’s budget for 2015-16 already included 2 percent raises for all employees. Those raises, and the ones approved today, are being funded with $65 million provided by the state, according to the CSU.

According to a CSU staff report, the salaries paid to the university’s executive employees lag about 25 percent behind the market rate for the positions.

The president of the California Faculty Association criticized the raises, saying additional funding from the state should be directed toward teachers because faculty salaries are not keeping up with increases in the cost of living.

“CSU presidents don’t teach classes, and they’re not in direct contact with students,” Jennifer Eagan said. “That’s a consistent problem. The CSU is running on a model that fails to prioritize our mission to teach students above all else.”

CSU executives received a 3 percent pay hike for 2014-15 — their first increase in at least five years.

Like White, six CSU campus presidents have their salaries supplemented by private foundations. Those supplements will be included as part of their overall salary when the 2 percent raise is calculated, according to CSU.