LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a $211,000 civil penalty against a Northridge-based aerospace industry supplier for allegedly violating federal drug and alcohol testing regulations, it was announced.

The FAA alleges that Dukes Aerospace, Inc. failed to include four of its “safety-sensitive” employees in random drug and alcohol testing pools and failed to receive verified negative results before transferring nine employees into safety sensitive positions.

A request for comment left with a spokeswoman for Dukes corporate owner TransDigm Group Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio, was not immediately answered.

Federal regulators further contend that Dukes failed to ask 10 safety- sensitive employees whether they had tested positive or had refused to submit to a pre-employment drug or alcohol test at other companies where they had applied for safety-sensitive transportation work during the previous two years.

The company also allegedly did not use a scientifically valid method of random selection for drug testing, and conducted a random drug test on two employees rather than the alcohol test for which they had been selected.

Dukes has requested to meet with the FAA to discuss the case, according to the agency.

Founded in 1958, Dukes specializes in the manufacture and support of fuel pumps, solenoids, pneumatic valves and cabin pressure control systems for the aerospace, marine and space markets.