M. Terry / SFVS

The San Fernando Valley has been under siege with temperatures surpassing  the century mark over a wide area. The peak temperature was predicted for Thursday, Sept. 10.

It has been so blistering hot that customers are even staying away from local businesses.

“It has been just too hot. People don’t want to go outdoors if they can avoid it,” said an employee of a San Fernando ice cream shop. “We thought we’d be really busy, but during the day, it’s been slow. When it gets later in the day and cools off a bit, then people start coming in.”

“Maximum temperatures will reach dangerous levels across much of Southern California through the week,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said in a statement.

Temperatures are expected to cool down a bit over the weekend, although they will remain above normal, forecasters said.

The continued heat is being attributed to high pressure developing over the region, combined with the fact that only weak winds are blowing in from the ocean.

The conditions prompted the NWS to issue an excessive heat warning for the San Gabriel and Santa Monica mountains in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita valleys. It will be in force until 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Forecasters said those at greatest risk of suffering heat-related ailments include infants, the elderly, the homeless, outdoor workers, people taking part in outdoor activities in the heat, and pets without access to shade.

Residents are urged to drink plenty of water; wear light-colored and lightweight clothing; stay out of the midday sun; check on neighbors and the elderly to make sure they are not being overwhelmed by the heat; and never, ever leave children, the elderly, or pets in a vehicle parked in hot weather.