San Fernando Police Department officials are warning residents of at least two men posing as tree trimmers who burglarized a home here.

The burglary occurred on Oct. 6 at approximately 8:30 a.m., according to a department spokeswoman, who said a person residing in the 800 block of Glenoaks Blvd. was contacted at his front door by an unidentified male.

The unidentified male said that he was going to be trimming the neighbors trees and was concerned that some of the limbs might fall into person’s rear yard and cause damage. The unidentified male asked the resident to meet him in his rear yard to identify the trees that were going to be cut.

While speaking in the rear yard about the trees, the unidentified male spoke briefly on a two-way radio, the spokeswoman said.

After approximately ten minutes, the unidentified male excused himself and left the resident’s yard, the spokeswoman said Several minutes later, the resident went back into his house and saw that it had been burglarized.

The spokeswoman said the resident contacted the police, who determined that no trees had been trimmed in the area and the unidentified male had tricked the resident into leaving his home unattended.

SFPD officials recommend that residents not to allow strangers who claim to be service or utility workers into their homes unless they are wearing official uniforms or present the appropriate credentials.

If you are suspicious, do not allow the stranger onto your property and call the SFPD at (818) 898-1267. To report crime anonymously, call (818) 831-5002.