Dr. Jason W. Park, PhD, Harvard graduate, Carnegie Hall-performing pianist, Van Nuys resident and now book author, recently published on October 2015 his memoir about his college days partying and studying at Harvard University, entitled “Heaven + Hell = Harvard.”

His memoir is uniquely structured to balance the highbrow side of campus life in the classroom, focused on reading German philosophers Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche, on one hand, with the sordid off-campus goings-on at rave parties and nightclub parties involving drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the memoir, the conflict Dr. Park must resolve is whether to end his college profile with continued and wild endless partying, or face up to his responsibilities as student and son and put his academic career first by buckling down and working harder than he has ever had.

Both hilarity-ensuing reminiscence and tragically cautionary tale, “Heaven + Hell = Harvard” is highly readable and sure-to-be entertaining while also deeply moving and sharply felt.