A. Garcia / El Sol

Investigators from the LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force are changing their theory about the death of the horse in Sylmar — a mare, which was pregnant, the San Fernando Sun/El Sol has learned.

The dead mare was found on April 9 in the 11700 block of Kagel Canyon Road with its tail tied to a telephone pole. Although initial reports suggested the animal might have been beaten or shot — or both — Task Force Detective Alfredo Reyes said the mare might have died accidentally. But investigators are still awaiting results of a necropsy examination being performed in San Bernardino.

The investigation into the animal’s death continues.

Reyes said the investigators now think the mare was being transported in a trailer, and died while struggling inside the trailer. It might have even accidentally strangled itself.

The transporter or transporters, in an effort to be rid of the horse, appeared to have tied its tail to the telephone pole and let the horse’s remains fall out of the trailer and into the street as the vehicle drove off, Reyes said.

“We are still awaiting the necropsy report,” Reyes said on Tuesday, April 26. “That will substantiate the investigation or prove us wrong. But it now appears [the horse] was neither shot or beaten, but instead was a victim of negligent transportation.”

Reyes said the results of the necropsy examination will also guide the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office on how or when any charges are filed.

“The city attorney is determining what we can do,” Reyes said, adding neither arrests or no arrests have been ruled out.

— Mike Terry