LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The Los Angeles City Council has approved a measure that would allow officials to identify the city’s biggest dealers of guns that end up being used in crimes.

As part of the observance of National Gun Violence Awareness Day on Wednesday, June 1, the council voted 13-0 to have the Los Angeles Police Department work with the organization Crime Gun Solutions to analyze the city’s data on gun traces to determine which dealers have the highest frequency of selling guns used in crime.

Councilmember Paul Krekorian, who made the motion, said his goal is to “determine the extent of the problem in Los Angeles so that we can take appropriate steps to protect the public.”

“Our city has led the way on gun violence prevention issues, and I see this as another opportunity to reduce the number of families ripped apart by gun violence,” he said.

The study will begin once the costs and administrative issues are worked out, according to Krekorian aide Ian Thompson.

The effort to analyze such data is part of a larger initiative launched by the Brady Campaign & Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, targeting the so-called “bad apple” dealers.

Chicago did a similar study in 2014 that found that four firearms dealers provided more than their proportionate share of guns used in crimes.

The study led to at least one of the dealers changing practices, according to Krekorian’s office.

City Attorney Mike Feuer and representatives of Women Against Gun Violence, the California chapters of the Brady Campaign and other groups also took part in a gun violence awareness day presentation at the City Council meeting.