Tired of the same burgers and hot dogs at every cookout? Elevate your typical grilling fare by preparing a crowd-pleasing mixed grill, or parrillada mixta, inspired by the bold flavors of Latin America.

Simply marinate tender cuts of steak, chicken and shrimp overnight and fire up the grill the next day to create a juicy, tantalizing spread that’s perfect for sharing. Whether your family and friends prefer smoky steaks or sweet, charred shrimp, there’s something for everyone.

To take your spread to the next level, follow these tips from chef Johnny Hernandez and the makers of Tabasco Sauce:

* Cook over a wood flame to add a richer, smokier flavor to grilled meats.

* Marinate proteins to ensure flavors are properly and evenly incorporated.

* Create high- and low-heat zones on the grill to control and ensure even cooking for different types of meats and vegetables.

* Baste with extra Tabasco Sauce while grilling to give meats and vegetables an added flavor boost.

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