S. Sandoval / SFVS

As Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, a group of protestors who live mostly in the Northeast San Fernando Valley held a march from Pacoima City Hall to the Cesar Chavez memorial in the City of San Fernando.  While the rain at times was heavy, the group continued their protest and could be heard blocks away.   Organizers said they were a coalition called,  “SFV United” made up of Valley civil, human, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and environmental rights organizations and community-based groups.

Sun Valley resident Angelica Duenas, a resident of Sun Valley wrote in a news release from the group:“We stand with  ‘SFV United’ in solidarity in our fight against government corruption and greed. We are ignited in our fight for environmental justice, healthcare as a right, and housing for all. We know that a Donald Trump administration is a threat to our fundamental rights, freedoms and way of life,”

Members of the group said it was important to represent San Fernando residents who are concerned with what the next four years will bring under President Trump.

“ We will stand up to bullying, a Muslim registry, and the evil deportation machine,” said Jesus Arciga, a LGBTQ advocate with the community organization,Somos Familia Valle. “As a movement dedicated to human rights, safer schools, and health equity, we are committed to promoting the dignity and worth of every individual as well as creating safer spaces for all. This march is to show any local Trumps out there that we are not afraid and we will not hide. We are here to thrive. We are here to stay.”

“We will not stand idly while the Trump administration uses our people nor any other oppressed nationality or community to further his greedy narcissistic self-serving agenda” said Ernesto Ayala, a march organizer. “La Raza Unida vows to fight and defend our people by any means necessary and to our fullest capacity. In doing so, we join with others in building a broad movement to oppose the darkness that awaits us.”