Found - Katherine Lizzette Solorio

Omar and Karina Solorio of San Fernando have been reunited with their missing daughter Katherine.

The teenager had traveled to Boston to meet up with a person she had connected with online, and left without telling her parents.

Karina said she received a call from her 15-year-old daughter from Boston on Thursday, Feb. 23, between 4-5 p.m. She and Omar took the first flight to Boston they could make.

When the arrived, they went to the address Katherine gave them, but found the police had been there and took Katherine into their custody. Katherine mother told the San Fernando Valley Sun/El Sol that the people Katherine was staying with did not know she was a runaway.

Karina said there are still details they are sorting out — like how Katherine made it all the way to Boston. But right now, “it’s a big relief,” she said, knowing their daughter is safe and healthy.

The family plans to return to the San Fernando Valley this weekend.

— Mike Terry