Students from all over LAUSD came to the forum to discuss the topics that impact them every day.

More than 200 Gen Zers who attend high schools throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley participated in a student-led, student-moderated and student-attended LAUSD Board Candidate Forum.  

The forum, held at the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, included many of the students involved with the organization’s leadership program. 

While high school students are still too young to vote, United Way organizers of the candidates forum pointed out that it’s the students who are most directly impacted by the LAUSD board members who make the  decisions that directly impact their lives.

Last year, 45 percent of LAUSD grads were lacking the grades and skills to be considered college-ready.

“It’s important that number change,” said Maria Garcia, a senior at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, who said that A-G high school requirements need to be in line with the requirements needed to apply for college.  

“For United Way of Greater Los Angeles, breaking the cycle of poverty starts in the classroom,” said Deena Margolis, United Way vice president of community impact. “We empower our young leaders with platforms to advocate for themselves and their peers. This generation is passionate about challenging LAUSD to reinstate its 2006 promise to align its high school requirements to California’s UC/USC qualifications to ensure that all students graduate college-prepared and career-ready.”