WOODLAND HILLS (CNS) — Authorities continue to search for three brazen burglars who got into a Woodland Hills smoke shop by tunneling in from an adjacent business, and are now making video images of the suspects available.

The crime occurred about 1:30 a.m., April 26, at Hidden Vape in the 22700 block of Ventura Boulevard, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The suspects took cash and smoking accessories, and caused more than $30,000 in property damage to the businesses.

“There’s no modesty on the part of these burglars, who looked right into the cameras,” said LAPD Capt. Paul Weber of the Topanga Station. “Their intent was clear, and I would suspect this was not their first burglary. We’re asking anyone who recognizes them to give us a call.”

The men pried open the rear door of a spa, and then broke through shared walls to gain access to Hidden Vape.

“This burglary makes the point that one business is only as secure as its adjoining business,” said LAPD Detective Deborah Myers. “The owners did the right thing by installing quality video equipment.”

Detectives described the burglars as black men in their 20s, all with similar style moustaches and goatees, and all appearing to be of medium height and weight.

Anyone with information on the case was urged to call Detective Anita Stieglitz at (818) 756-5844, or (877) LAPD-247.