Providence Health & Services is holding a Nutrition Olympics at area schools.  They played a strawberry relay game during their visit at Santa Rosa Catholic School in the City of San Fernando and at Guardian Angel in Pacoima.

Take two mini watermelons and attach them to both ends of 2- to 3-foot length of PVC pipe. Barbells for kids! Hold carrots to your ears and do the Bunny Hop or knock down bowling pins with a coconut.

This week the “Nutrition Olympics” was held for area schools including Guardian Angel School in Pacoima. 

“It’s a great way to learn about fruit and vegetables  – and to have fun in the final days of school,”said Pat Aiden, a spokesperson for Providence Health & Services.

 Providence Health & Services’ school nurse program brings the Nutrition Olympics throughout the year to several schools in under served San Fernando Valley neighborhoods Kids bob for apples, pass strawberries in a relay race and toss plastic peppers. Student nurses with  Seventh- graders help out with the activities and ask questions that everyone can ponder,   ‘What vegetable helps you see in the dark?’