New Spin Studio Offers a Hot Way to Get in Shape

The City of San Fernando is about to get a new revolutionary way of getting in shape! Get Sweat Heated Spin Studio is much different than a regular spin studio. With the thermostat cranked up close to 90 degrees, it creates an extra form of detox for the body. Owners Melanie Mora and Melissa Real, both locals to the San Fernando and Sylmar areas, wanted to break the need of going out of town for a well-rounded workout experience. Starting out with spin workouts themselves, they found that to access a good spin studio required traveling far outside of town. Melanie and Melissa felt that they could bring health opportunities once only available south of Ventura Boulevard to the City of San Fernando, therefore giving the community a first-class experience minus the commute. 

Get Sweat Heated Spin Studio will feature DJ lighting and music to keep the atmosphere energetic, which will give riders a club experience during an intense workout. By keeping the spin room dark, it camouflages a rider’s insecurities about working out in a group setting. The dark space eliminates the fear of being judged and allows riders to move at their own pace, yet still be supported by spin instructors.  Get Sweat also uses a grassy area for riders to cool down from the workout as well as join in yoga stretches to relax their bodies.

During a heated spin workout, the rider can burn more calories than the standard spin class. Certified Spin Instructors design their own workout routines and target every part of the body as opposed to just the hamstrings and glutes for a full body workout in one sitting. With eleven spin instructors on staff, the workout routines are always different and always changing. This will ensure that frequent riders won’t have the same ridea twice.

Melanie and Melissa felt clients are staying away from the traditional gym contract and are less inclined to enter into long term agreements. To accommodate clients, spin classes are available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, meaning the client can pay for as many rides as they want without the fear of being excessively charged for membership. Get Sweat will offer five different packages to purchase multiple rides. They will also offer a ‘Single Ride’ package for an affordable price, including first ride half off. 

Get Sweat Heated Spin Studio will be opening to the public on July 7, 2017. The studio is located at 226 N. Maclay Avenue, San Fernando. Opening day rides will feature a live DJ. 

More information can be found on their Instagram (@getsweatstudio) and online at