President Trump has stated he would “show great heart” when dealing with DREAMers, yet today, his callous decision to repeal DACA and play politics with their lives shows how empty and disingenuous those words were. The passion and commitment of DREAMers has made California and our country greater and Trump’s decision is cowardly and morally wrong.

This decision creates a critical and urgent challenge for more than 200,000 DREAMers in California and 800,000 nationwide who pay taxes and contribute to our country. They are not just students – they are community leaders, business owners, taxpayers, and key to our workforce.

And with today’s announcement, we see Trump’s true values once again. Just over a week after granting a pardon to a sheriff convicted of violating the civil rights of Latinos, Trump seeks to revoke protections which have allowed young adults throughout the country to achieve the American Dream.

The president alone can save DACA but he is choosing not to. By punting to congress he is attempting to wash his hands of responsibility.

California will hold the line. California stands with DREAMers. We will continue to insist on humane treatment and justice for DREAMers and their families. For the leaders of both parties who have spoken for years about a legislative fix for DACA, the time to act, with real heart, is now.