Precautions Were Taken for Columbus Statue

Both the city and county of Los Angeles have voted to officially cancel Christopher Columbus Day by 2019. 

Given the political shift, the future of the statue of the explorer on display in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles may be soon considered.

The downtown park near City Hall, the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and other government buildings is operated by Los Angeles County. The county Board of Supervisors voted last week to change the Columbus Day holiday on the second Monday in October to Indigenous Peoples Day by 2019, following the Los Angeles City Council’s vote in August to change the holidays by 2019.

On Monday, during the holiday, the Columbus statue was the only monument in the park that appeared to have been surrounded with a fence, indicating county officials may have slated it for removal or were worried about potential vandalism. By Tuesday however the fence was taken down.

Columbus Day was still officially observed Monday as a paid holiday for city and county workers.