NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CNS) — A 35-year-old woman is facing charges in connection with a recent series of arson fires in the North Hollywood area, authorities said.

Angela McWhirter was taken into custody on Oct. 23 on an outstanding warrant, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

“Officers recognized McWhirter from a crime bulletin previously distributed by LAFD arson investigators and she was taken into custody in the North Hollywood area,” according to department spokesman Peter Sanders.

She is suspected in a series of intentionally set tree fires that damaged multiple vehicles outside of North Hollywood buildings in the early morning hours of Oct. 19, Sanders said.

“Following her arrest … arson investigators were notified and continued their investigation, which linked McWhirter to the October 19 fires,” Sanders said.

The fires damaged seven vehicles and a number of trees, but injured no one, Sanders said.

McWhirter is facing three felony counts of arson, Sanders said.