Let’s make one thing very clear to President Trump and the GOP:  the dreams of immigrant youth currently protected under DACA cannot wait.   Waiting until next year for a permanent solution is a luxury nearly a million young people do not have

The demise of DACA, and the detrimental impact the lack of protection for nearly 1 million young immigrants will have, is their doing and they must fix it.  

 The overwhelming majority of Americans support the DREAM Act and instead of having a fight just with Democrats, the President and Republicans must answer to the American people why they continue to act inhumanely, cruelly, and unfairly to young immigrants.   

While the GOP seeks to salvage their economic policy mess, they are enthusiastically shutting down the dream of our community. The health of our economy is tied to a permanent solution, thus it must be addressed immediately. 

We urge Democrats continue to voice their support for our immigrant youth and act and use their  leverage to provide a permanent solution for our communities.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), the largest immigrant rights organization in California, reacted to news Thursday that President Trump and the GOP plans to drag its feet on moving forward with approving a permanent solution to the DACA program which protected nearly 1 million young immigrants but was terminated by President in early September.