What To Do During The Holiday When Your Relatives Are Turkeys

So, it’s official once again. The president has pardoned the national turkey. Now you have to ask yourself: Can you pardon the turkeys in your family, be the “bigger” person and help everyone have a pleasant Thanksgiving celebration?

If the answer to that question is, “No” then perhaps you need to revisit the idea of family itself. In fact, family struggles go back to the beginning of time…just look at the Bible and those disagreements most of us have read about. Those life and death struggles make today’s passing battles seem silly. Is it going to matter in 20 years if Uncle Jack voted for her and Aunt Nina voted for him? Probably not.

What does Auntie suggest? Remember that a sense of humor will always carry you through. Crazy cousin Calvin spouting crazy thoughts? Do. Not. Respond.

Have another bite of Grandma’s yummy stuffing (but don’t stuff your feelings). Make yourself useful. Help the hostess. Be a good guest. Always be your best self. And offer to load the dishwasher. Or clear the table. Be civil to the uncivil.

Do not, under any circumstances, stay at home and avoid the family. Since when do all family members have to agree? If you are in the majority opinion at the gathering, just wait. There will be plenty of time to discuss the issue — when it’s not a holiday. And if you are in the minority and are brave enough to speak up, give yourself that proverbial pat on the back. We’re lucky enough to live in a country where we are allowed to disagree — peacefully, of course.

And if there’s a bombastic bore in attendance, just be thankful you only see him or her once every few months. Visit with the children…learn more of the family folklore from the elders…or bring an old-fashioned board game and win big.

Now here’s a hint that may help you at work or at family celebrations:

If you have an obnoxious co-worker or even worse, an irritating family member, remember that talking sense to them may never have any impact at all. If you cannot fire them or divorce them — remember the rules of excommunication and hold your ground as you ignore, ignore, ignore. You’ll end up having loads of fun while driving those poor little egomaniacs mad.

Auntie Jodi has a few more hints about family celebrations (find her on YouTube — look for Auntie Jodi’s Hints — or follow her on Twitter) for more fun advice to get you through the holidays. Auntie Jodi’s book, “How Dare You? Helpful Hints for Staying Sane in an Insane World,” is available on Amazon. Why not give a copy to your most annoying relative…it might help for next year!