(StatePoint) In today’s tech-driven world, the classroom is evolving rapidly. Students equipped with the right tools will get a leg up on their studies and long-term success.

So, what’s effective in the world of educational tools today? Check out these innovative items.

Music Made Easier

Music has always helped children learn and succeed in their other classes. However, it can now be easier than ever before, as new tools have made learning to play easier. For example, the LK-265 keyboard from Casio has 61 full-size, touch-sensitive keys with a Key Lighting System that illuminates keys to indicate which notes to play, making learning easier. Combined with its intuitive Step-Up Lessons, kids can quickly learn to play both built-in songs, as well as favorites downloaded through a free compatible app called Chordana.

Science on Your Phone

The scientific process has never been so user-friendly. Check out free apps for Android and iPhone that support science education — from tools that give young scientists an opportunity to organize their hypothesis, notes and observations on self-driven scientific trials, to those that offer step-by-step directions and video demonstrations of experiments.

Math Support

To not only survive today’s math classes but to thrive in them, students will need the advanced features of a next-generation graphing calculator, such as Casio’s fx-CG50 Prizm, which will support their education through middle school, high school and into college. With Natural Textbook Display and an intuitive icon-based menu, students will find it easy-to-use, and its brand-new 3D Graph Drawing and improved catalog function allow for greater engagement and real-life application in the classroom.

Taking it Down

Notetaking, a once manual often disordered endeavor, has gotten a facelift thanks to the modern age. New desktop and mobile apps make it easier for students to organize, sort and share notes, as well as quickly reference them later when it’s time to cram for that exam. Many platforms offer free basic accounts, with the option of upgrading for more features. However, doing so may come with a subscription fee, which may be worth it depending on a student’s note-taking style and needs.

Keeping up with the classmates is often like keeping up with the Joneses. Having the latest educational tools can mean a better learning experience.