Dear Editor:

Zoey, an 8-pound dog who was reportedly snatched from her guardian’s fenced yard in Pennsylvania by an eagle and found four miles away—whimpering, wounded, limping, and covered in icicles—is lucky to be alive. She is also a reminder that it’s never safe to leave animals outdoors unattended, even for “just a minute.”

Hungry wildlife are just one of the countless dangers that dogs and cats face outdoors. Many animals are painfully killed after being hit by cars, ingesting poison, contracting fatal diseases, being abused by cruel people, and suffering other horrific fates.

Our animal companions are as vulnerable as toddlers in the great outdoors. It’s imperative to keep them safe by keeping them indoors, making sure they are microchipped and wear collars with current identification tags, and allowing them outdoors only on a leash and harness or in a fenced area, under our constant supervision. Visit to learn more.