"Georgie" Nario met Oscar de la Hoya when he was 13, who inspired him to pursue his dreams including his love for music and boxing.

It was the first of February and it started out like an average busy day that any Mom has.

Maria Hernandez was driving with her two sons and was on her way to a school performance with her younger son. Her older son, Jorge “Georgie” Nario, now a high school senior, asked to be dropped off at El Faro’s Tacos on Maclay Avenue in San Fernando, a spot where they could eat and visit.

She easily agreed to dropping him off. After all, he was always responsible and not a little kid anymore. He was looking forward to graduating from Verdugo Hills High School and deciding on whether he wanted to pursue his music, or go to nursing school or who knows, maybe do both. He had so many interests and was enthusiastic about pursuing them.

“From the age of four years old, he was playing soccer and baseball. He was always active,” Hernandez said. As he got older he turned to boxing and enjoyed the vigorous training.

“Georgie” she said, was always good about staying in close contact with her. “He would always pick up the phone when I called him, so that I wouldn’t worry.”

So when she called him later in the day about picking him up and he didn’t answer, she did begin to worry. “That wasn’t like him.”

Hernandez was given the worst news that no parent ever wants to hear. “Georgie,” the talented teen known to some as a burgeoning rapper and others as a boxer, was pronounced dead at the scene by the Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics who responded.

“Georgie” had been shot and killed while trying to retrieve his backpack from thieves.

While information is still being pieced together and police are still investigating, the account told to his family is that “Georgie’s” backpack was snatched from him and the assailant jumped into a truck. As he tried to get his backpack from them, “Georgie” grabbed for the handle of the truck. He was shot and killed by the person inside.

Hernandez said she is drawing strength right now from the support she is receiving from her family and her son’s many friends. She is hoping for news from the police detectives who are investigating the case, and handling the most difficult task of preparing for her son’s funeral next week.

A memorial was held for him at the school. The principal at Verdugo Hills High has assured her that Nario’s photo will still appear in the school annual and there will be a diploma for him in June.

“Georgie” had many friends. Some came from the PUC Charter School where he was once a student, and Sylmar High School where he attended before transferring to Verdugo Hills High. All of his friends and those that knew him well have described him the same way — “He was very loving and kind.” A street memorial has been placed near the site of the shooting at 13200 block of Bromont Avenue, just west of Maclay Avenue, in Sylmar.

Police from the LAPD Homicide Division are asking for the public’s help Anyone with information on the crime is urged to call the LAPD Valley Bureau homicide office at (818) 374-9550, or (877) LAPD-247. 

Services for Jorge “Georgie” Nario will be held on Wednesday Feb. 21. Viewing and rosary from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at San Fernando Mission Cemetery Chapel, located at 11160 Stranwood Ave. in Mission Hills. Mass will be held on Thursday, Feb. 22, at Santa Rosa Catholic Church in San Fernando. Burial will follow at San Fernando Mission Cemetery.