LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A serial flasher who targeted women near the UCLA campus has been ordered to register as a sex offender for life, to stay away from a mapped area surrounding the Westwood campus and to undergo psychological counseling, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office announced.

Jason Kurt Lanning, 39, of Sherman Oaks also was ordered to serve 52 weekends in jail and four years on probation following his no contest plea Tuesday to eight misdemeanor counts of lewd conduct that occurred over a yearlong period beginning in January 2017, according to Frank Mateljan of the City Attorney’s Office.

If he doesn’t complete the 52 weekends in jail by December 2019, he’ll be ordered to serve 450 days behind bars, according to Mateljan.

Lanning drove through residential areas surrounding the UCLA campus, found young women walking alone, lured them closer to his vehicle by asking for directions to the San Diego (405) Freeway and exposed himself to them, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

Eleven women reported the activity to the University of California Police Department before Lanning’s arrest, according to the City Attorney’s Office.