Photo of P-22 by the National Park Service

This week, the National Wildlife Federation is celebrating the amazingly successful journey across two active freeways by the Southland mountain lion known as P-22, with an ambitious hike to continue awareness for a proposed wildlife crossing.

The nearly 50-mile hike, which began on Tuesday, Oct. 23, began at the Liberty Canyon trailhead off the 101 Freeway in Agoura, the proposed site for the crossing, for which $4 million for the project has been raised so far.

The environmental documents were completed in April 2018. The project has now entered the final design and engineering or “blueprints” phase, and if fundraising stays on track, the crossing will be completed in 2022.

The five-day wildlife hike, led by federation’s California Director Beth Pratt, will retrace the likely 50-mile path that P-22 took in leaving his birthplace in the Santa Monica Mountains to reach his current home in Griffith Park, crossing two of the busiest freeways in America. During the hike, Pratt will wear a mountain lion tracking collar and carry a life-size P-22 cutout to showcase how Los Angeles is demonstrating worldwide leadership in urban wildlife conservation.

The hike is scheduled to end on Saturday, Oct. 27, at Griffith Park. More than 200 school children will join the hikers as they walk together to the stage to open the P-22 Day Festival.