Sr. Carmel Somers, RSC.  Somers (second from the left).

Valley Family Center in the city of San Fernando held an open house in honor of Sr. Carmel Somers, RSC.  Somers (second from the left),  who has been an integral part of the organization for the past 25 years,  she was given recognition from Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Senator Bob Hertzberg for her years of service to the community and to Valley Family Center.  Many attended the event to wish Sr. Carmel well and to thank her for her ministry and service.

Sr. Carmel is retiring and will be returning to her native Ireland later this year. She has dedicated the last 57 years of her life to helping residents of the San Fernando Valley in her various roles as community organizer, Executive Director of Valley Family Center and the Learning Center Director. She loves children and tutored and mentored countless students from the San Fernando and surrounding communities.