LOS ANGELES (CNS) – A Studio City man is facing charges of illegally possessing and mistreating a tiger cub seized at his home by wildlife wardens acting on a tip from someone who saw a social media post involving the animal that was also featured in a YouTube video with vlogger Logan Paul.

“Tigers and other exotic animals are not pets,” said Los Angeles

City Attorney Mike Feuer. “Keeping these potentially dangerous animals in a residential setting poses a serious safety risk for residents and animals alike. My office will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure these treasured creatures are safe and those who illegally keep them are held accountable.”

Nicholas Perkins, 32, is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 10 on misdemeanor charges of illegal possession of a tiger, mistreatment of a tiger and possession of anabolic steroids. If convicted, he could face up to two years and six months in jail and $4,000 in fines, according to Feuer’s office.

David Bess, deputy director and chief of the Law Enforcement Division at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the state has some of the strongest restricted species laws in the nation.

“They’re designed to protect exotic animals from neglect and improper care and serve to protect the public from these animals, many of which can be dangerous,” he said. “Our Wildlife Trafficking Team, working with the City Attorney’s office, are sending a message that exotic species like tigers don’t belong as pets in people’s homes.”

In October 2017, DFW wildlife trafficking wardens received an anonymous tip from someone who saw photos of a model posing with a tiger cub on Instagram. DFW investigators identified the defendant and the cub through references in the post, according to Feuer’s office.

During the investigation, the defendant and the animal’s location were also verified by DFW wardens after the cub appeared on a vlog of YouTube personality Logan Paul, according to Deputy City Attorney Nick Karno.

When a search warrant was executed on the defendant’s home on Nov. 9, 2017, agents found alleged “extensive evidence of the animal’s poor living conditions and the presence of anabolic steroids,” according to a statement released by Feuer’s office that also alleged Perkins was feeding the tiger cub kitten milk replacement formula with a baby bottle.

The tiger cub was placed in a large cat rescue facility in north Los Angeles County and has made a full recovery, according to Feuer’s office.