LOS ANGELES – Relatives of a man who allege he was wrongfully shot and killed by authorities while sitting in his car and waiting to take his grandchildren to school in Sun Valley in 2018 are suing the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County.

Vahram Kesablyan, 55, was shot multiple times Jan. 8, 2018, in the 10300 block of Horse Haven Street and was pronounced dead at a hospital later that day, authorities said previously. LAPD officers and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were executing the search warrant along with the FBI, authorities said.

The negligence/wrongful death suit was filed Jan. 16 in Los Angeles Superior Court by Anait Stepanyan and her sons, Kirakos and Kadzhik Kesablyan.

The suit seeks unspecified damages. The FBI is not a defendant.

Rob Wilcox of the City Attorney’s Office said the lawsuit will be reviewed, but that he had no additional statements. An LASD representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

The suit alleges Vahram Kesablyan was fatally shot while the law enforcement members were seeking to arrest plaintiff Kirakos Kesablyan at the home based on a warrant.

Vahram Kesablyan’s four grandchildren, ranging in age from six months to 6 years old, lived at the home, the suit states. He was sitting in his car waiting to take the school-age grandchildren to school when the incident occurred, according to the family’s suit.

Kirakos Kesablyan suffered emotional distress from seeing his father bleed to death, the suit states. His father complied with the demands of the law enforcement officers and did not pose a threat to them, the suit states.