Fred-Freak Smith

San Fernando Police detectives were hoping they might have finally have gotten a breakthrough in their investigation into the murder of rock musician of Fred-Freak Smith.

Unfortunately the information did not provide any new clues for police.

Police Chief Tony Vairo said investigators had gotten back  “some results” regarding a couple DNA samples. “But they were no match to anybody” that actually stabbed and killed the singer-bass-player-songwriter in Las Palmas Park in San Fernando in August of 2017. 

“There were a couple of people we thought might have been involved involve, and that’s why we were waiting for the results. It finally came back and there was match of the two.”

Vairo said the results became available last Friday.

We’re still working on the case. And the [DNA] is in the national data base. We’re still trying to work other leads we have, but it’s hard; we have no witnesses, and no one else has come forward with any information.”

The DNA is being examined by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department laboratory. Detective Dean Camarillo said there were “a lot of items to still be processed for DNA,” and they had only gotten two items back, the results of which were turned over the the SFPD.

“The DNA that came back on those items, we expected [the results] to be what it was and did not expect it to assist the investigation,” Camarillo said. “We still have a large back up in our lab and are still waiting to process the other items.”

Vairo said the detectives keep going over some leads “to make sure we didn’t overlook something. But it was disappointing, the results of the DNA. And it was even more disappointing because it took so long.”

The chief said investigators would not let the case go.

“It’s our unsolved murder case. We want to have closure, not only for the family but also for our community. We want to make sure there still isn’t a murder suspect out there at large. If they’ve done it once they may do it again, and we don’t want that.”

Although Smith was a well respected performer in hard rock and punk rock circles, he was described as appearing “homeless” when he was found in the park, collapsed on the hard ground, alone, in a pool of his own blood.

— Mike Terry