Photo Courtesy of the Office Of Nury Martinez

Los Angeles Councilmember Nury Martinez joined women crew members who make up the Bureau of Street Services who fill potholes. They wore pink hard hats for a photo opportunity to highlight Women’s History month and L.A.’s working women.                    

Last weekend was the the second of a scheduled four-weekend “pothole blitz,” and comes following  a motion by Martinez to secure $240,000 in funding and resources from Measure M’s Local Return Fund to fix the potholes in the City of Los Angeles. 

The funding from this motion is expected to cover the repair of 1,200 potholes across the City, which were identified by the Bureau of Street Services during the first weekend of the blitz.

Los Angeles has already received the amount of rain typical over a 12-month period. Martinez’ office indicates residents have reported 4,408 pothole repair requests in January and 7,931 pothole repair requests in February.