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This weekend is the annual Drought Tolerant plant festival at the Sepulveda Garden Center. 

Come join us for a weekend of shopping and family fun with your local cactus and succulent society. Vendors of various products and plants travel from all over to be here for this water wise event. You will be speechless walking through the interior show and display set up, where experienced growers show off their masterpieces. 


Kids event is also free to attend, where we invite all ages to learn more about the amazing species of cacti and succulents with hands on activities and educational displays.  Sat. & Sun. 11am-2pm


Saturday 9am-4pm

Sunday 9am-3pm

Walk through the community garden center while you’re there and see beautiful plants of all sorts. Please be respectful to their gardens and the rules of the center to ensure we can continue to make this incredible event happen every year.