Newly-revealed details on the squalid and repulsive conditions at immigration detention centers housing hundreds of children and youth should move all Americans to demand an immediate halt to the practice of incarcerating these young souls instead of placing them with their loved ones right away.   

The Trump Administration continues to demonstrate it is not bound by any moral value as it continues to pile children over children at these overcrowded  facilities.  These filthy centers now resemble concentration camps where children are kept against their will, are poorly fed and cared for, and are dying.  

These children deserve at least a minimum amount of sympathy and compassion and they need adult care and love.  Would Americans accept by any stretch of the imagination their own children treated in such an inhumane and dastardly way by their own government?  Does the First Lady’s Be Best campaign not include these children as well?  

Let us not wait one minute longer to demand our nation do better for these children.  Let us not wait until one more young boy or girl dies before we ask President Trump to act like a moral and legally-obligated man. Let us be the liberators these children need right now.

CHIRLA is currently holding a series of daily immigrant rights demonstrations outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights is the largest immigrant rights organization in California, denounced the Trump Administration’s inhumane treatment of immigrant children at detention centers and called for a Congressional investigation and for children to be reunited with their loved ones living in the U.S. immediately.