Photos/ Matthew Cordero and Diana Armas

Thousands of people protested Wednesday, Aug. 7, first in Dayton, Ohio and later at the #El PasoStrong rally organized  as a counter to President Trump’s visit.  In both cities, Trump met with first responders and visited the hospitals where victims of the mass shootings are being treated.  He tweeted his photos posing with hospital workers.  

El Paso residents had to walk a great distance in high temperatures to get to the rally as streets were blocked off for the Trump visit. As the rally was held, a simultaneous protest was held at the memorial set up  in front of the WalMart store where 22 people were shot and killed. Protesters pointed to Trump as the culprit who created the hatred that motivated the shootings and pointed to the President’s divisive language and his anti-immigrant rhetoric that he’s made his political platform.  Rhetoric they maintain was repeated by the El Paso gunman.