San Fernando Police detectives continue to investigate the death of an elderly man who may have walked under his own power directly into the path of an oncoming Metrolink train.

SFPD Lt. Chris Colelli said the identity of the man — described as a white male in his early 60s — would not be released until next of kin were notified. He said video of the accident was viewed by detectives.

According to Colelli, the man was walking southbound on Maclay Ave. on the west side of the street at approximately 10:40 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 15. As the man approached the railroad tracks, the arms of the crossing gate were down.

Colelli said a southbound Metrolink train was approaching at 65-70 mph. The man Gentleman continued walking and didn’t stop at the crossing guard. He continued to walk, and at the last minute he looked at the train and stopped while standing on the tracks.

“You can see him step out on the tracks,” Colelli said, adding “the   horn on the train was blasted several times but he never looked up until the very last second.”

It did not appear the victim was wearing earbuds or talking on a phone, Colelli said.

The lieutenant said the impact from the train knocked the man an estimated  50-60 feet and he ended up in the northbound Number Two lane.

The man was declared dead at the scene, Colelli said.