LOS ANGELES (CNS) – In hopes of blocking a proposed housing development, Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee called for the city to formally back the preservation of the Hidden Creeks property near Porter Ranch as designated open space.

“Preserving the Hidden Creeks property as open space has been a priority for both the county and city for years,” Lee said.

Lee introduced a motion instructing the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks to join the county and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in ongoing discussions aimed at preserving the property.

Hidden Creeks Estates and Preserve is a proposed housing development just outside of the city of Los Angeles between Porter Ranch and Chatsworth that abuts the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. Since the property is outside the of the city, Lee will have to work with the county to make the preservation happen.

“As soon as I took office, I began discussions with (Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger) to find a solution that would protect this vital connector for equestrian and recreational users,” Lee said. “I am pleased that we have been able to work together to find a way to maintain this area as open space.”

According to the website for Hidden Creeks Estates and Preserve, the 285-acre home development would set aside half of the site for open space and parks.

Calls and emails to Starwood Land Advisors, the developers of Hidden Creeks Estates and Preserve, were not immediately returned.

Barger introduced a similar measure with the Board of Supervisors calling for the land’s preservation.

“Since my election in 2016, I have maintained that the site is not suitable for development and have been calling for the preservation of the property,” Barger said. “This property is also a significant linkage for wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities, and we should not be developing residential homes anymore next to the Aliso Canyon facility.”

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, through the Mountain Recreation Conservancy Authority, has been the lead agency in the discussions with the developer, according to Lee.

Lee’s proposal is to be heard in the city council’s Health, Education, Neighborhood, Parks, Arts and River Committee.