How to Successfully Harness the Power of Social Media

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed and noticed a recognizable brand or business that completely messed up? 

Whether it is a misspelling or inappropriate content, reputable brands can easily lose credibility on social media by making these mistakes. For example, well known ecommerce brand REVOLVE Clothing posted a model wearing a sweatshirt reading the words: “Being Fat is Not Beautiful, It’s An Excuse.” 

It was clear somebody on the REVOLVE Digital Team did not double check if this was appropriate content to send out to their 3.4 Million followers hence the critical backlash they received.

Hiring professionals and teams like Social Sarahmony can help you avoid similar mistakes online. Social Sarahmony is a boutique social media agency based in Los Angeles founded by Sarah Aszkenazy in 2016. They focus primarily on platform management, content creation, branding, analytical reporting, blogging and influencer marketing.

They have experience working with a wide range of clients including consumer goods, culinary, non-profit, talent and lifestyle brands. Their specialty lies in turning brands into a lifestyle as they have done for well known brands such as WOLO Snacks, UNO, Top Round Roast Beef, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Teen Cancer America, Dolph Lundgren and many more. 

Social Sarahmony seem to be the pioneers of turning social media into a marketing channel that most definitely should be utilized for all brands and businesses.

Founder and Social Media Guru, Sarah Aszkenazy of Social Sarahmony provides us with quick tips on the Do’s and Don’ts in the world of being successful on social media:


• Find your tribe and engage with them! Community Management is key. Like their comments and posts, respond back, interact, etc. This reciprocated social appreciation goes a long way.

• TRIPLE CHECK. Always triple check your social calendars and reread your captions before you hit the POST button on social. One misspelling can be noticed within seconds. You can easily lose credibility on social this way.

• Get real and be relative. If your audience can’t relate to you then they won’t be captivated. Grab their attention by producing brand relative content and captions.

• Listen to your audience. If you see the same feedback from your audience in comments and direct messages, take their advice and test it out.

• Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram Stories.  It’s a popular and useful feature that should definitely be utilized.


• Don’t post whatever. We are big believers in strategy and a cohesive feed. Plan out your posts and pick the appropriate content so your social page has a flow.

• Don’t post whenever. Every account varies; different accounts have different “peak” times to post. It is better to post during these peak times to receive the most engagement. To find your peak times, most social platforms provide analytics and you can deep dive there.

• Don’t sound like a sales bot. People tend to tune out sales/promo – ish language. Try to be more personable about what and how you’re selling online.

• Don’t post mindless hashtags. Be strategic. Create a hashtag that is relevant to your brand and use it consistently in posts. Check out #SocialSarahmony to see an example!

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