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Larson, Larson & Dauer ALC recently filed a number of workers’ compensation insurance claims on behalf of Lockheed Martin Palmdale employees who were allegedly exposed to toxic chemicals over time, causing injuries to the employees.  

Larson, Larson & Dauer ALC is fighting to get the safety conditions changed for the Lockheed Martin employees. For almost 40 years, the firm has been an advocate for improving their work environment. 

The current workers’ compensation insurance claims* stem from a number of Lockheed Martin Palmdale employees alleging, while on the job, they were exposed to carcinogens and other toxins, including, but not limited to, Chromium 6 (well known due to the health consequences made public in the Erin Brockovich case), Asbestos, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, Perchloroethylene, Trichloroethylene and many others. According to court documents, some of the employees have cancer and they feel the cancer is due to their workplace. 

The Van Nuys workers’ compensation appeals board court documents state that the employees are all alleging that they have suffered significant symptoms due to the severity of their exposure.  Most of the employees represented by the firm have experienced Metal fume fever, an acutely noxious inhalation syndrome in which the sufferer has influenza-type symptoms.  One of the employees claims to have spent approximately 5 weeks in the hospital and had to be quarantined due to the severity of the toxin levels.  

Some of the injuries claimed by the workers’ include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, joint aches, respiratory and pulmonary problems, high blood pressure and a host of other health issues. 

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Larson, Larson & Dauer focuses on workers’ compensation,claims. Larson, Larson & Dauer was made famous in the late 20th century due to a class action lawsuit against Lockheed Martin. For more than 40 years, Larson, Larson & Dauer has provided the highest quality workers’ compensation representation for its clients. The firm’s attorneys are adept at helping injured clients find solutions to their legal issues and compensation to help make them whole. In addition to their Lockheed Martin clients, Larson, Larson & Dauer represents an array of workers, including, but not limited to, insurance adjusters; peace officers; teachers; city, county and state workers; truck drivers; bus drivers; health care workers; claims administrators; doctors; nurses; caretakers; factory workers; gardeners; retail workers; office professionals; cashiers; maintenance workers; technicians; secretaries; janitors; and assembly line workers. For more information, please call (818) 830-1910, or visit