School Counselors' Role

The Role of a School Counselor

Professional school counselors (PSCs) are licensed/certified educators that are trained in a school counseling program to get the proper experiences in order to assist students in their academic, social/emotional, and career development needs. In other words, professional school counselors focus on psychosocial wellness and development, mental health, emotional health, and behavioral health for their students. PSCs are easily differentiated from other types of counselors based on the client populations they serve. They interact mostly with students in K-12, help children develop positive classroom behaviors, and assist students with challenges they may face outside of school. PSCs are advocating for their students’ current and future needs. American school counselor association elucidates that school counselors “demonstrate their belief that all students have the ability to learn by advocating for an education system that provides optimal learning environments for all students” (ASCA, 2016, p. 1).

The Duties and Responsibilities of a School Counselor

            The role of a professional school counselor can often be misinterpreted from administrators, parents, etc. Gone are the days where school counselors sitting in their offices making class changes or handing out college applications. Today, professional school counselors are essential members of the education team (ASCA, 2019). There are many duties and responsibilities that PSCs do, here are some: (1) they develop and implement curriculums that are designed to help students achieve the knowledge and skills to move forward, (2) they work one-on-one with students to establish personal goals and develop future plans, (3) professional school counselors provide interventive services that would allow students meet their immediate and future needs, such as group counseling or individual counseling, and (4) PSCs provide information to staff about the comprehensive school counseling programs.

How do Professional School Counselors Benefit out Students?

            Students in the P-12 system need the appropriate support with their academic, social/emotional, and career needs. Professional school counselors support students at all levels and they serve as advocates for their students’ well-being; PSCs provide tons of valuable resources that would benefit students and their parents. PSCs assist students with problems or issues that pertain but not limited to, low academic performance, classroom behaviors, bullying, etc. Additionally, professional school counselors often serve as a bridge between teachers, parents, administrators, and students. Last but not least, PSCs evaluate students’ skills and personalities to help them come up with academic and career goals.