Mural Project to Help Beautify Pacoima

Los Angeles City Councilmember Monica Rodriguez has announced the latest mural art creation titled “Rushing Waters ” coming to Pacoima, a neighborhood known as the “mural city.” This is the accumulation of four years of planning and community outreach in the heart of Pacoima’s Mural Mile.

Rodriguez said she has secured more than half a million dollars for mural projects in the Seventh Council District and more than $100,000 will be allocated to complete “Rushing Waters.” 

“Rushing Waters” is the most significant public art project in the San Fernando Valley since 1978, Rodriguez said. At almost 10,000 square feet, it is the largest above-ground mural in the San Fernando Valley and will change the face of the area by removing graffiti with an artistic history lesson. 

The art project began Nov. 4, and will be completed on Nov. 27 at the intersection of San Fernando Road and Paxton, one of the busiest exits off Highway 118.

“‘Rushing Waters’ pays tribute to our heritage and captures the spirit of Pacoima,” Rodriguez said. “This type of investment in our neighborhood has been long overdue and I am excited to be part of making herstory in our community.” 

The mural is located in the heart of Pacoima, and will depict the landscape of these areas and depict a 25-foot-tall native woman at its center. Other depictions include Hansen Dam, Whiteman Airport, local freeways, Sylmar Aqueduct, San Gabriel Mountains, LA River, and more.

This mural brings together the full spectrum of our community. The team includes mural and graffiti artists with assistance from the Los Angeles Native American Commission, Walt Disney Imagineering designers, local businesses, and local community leaders. 

“This is a historic endeavor and my team and I are extremely honored to be trusted with a project that means so much to Pacoima and what it will represent for generations to come,” said muralist Levi Ponce, who put together the team of artists that will create the project.

“We hope this project serves as a catalyst for change not only in art but for the people of this beautiful City. For years, red tape kept this project out of reach — I commend Councilmember Rodriguez for stepping up and making this project a reality for our community.”