1,800 Books Donated to Vaughn Schools

Students in the five campuses of the Vaughn Next Century group of charter schools in Pacoima have something extra to entertain them as they remain at home. On April 30, the school gave away 1,800 children’s books donated by Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal in partnership with The Literacy Club. The books were distributed as part of the school’s “Grab and Go” lunch taking place at the G3 campus. “We want to provide children books to help them achieve their educational goals,” said  said Alma Nava, Vaughn Community Center coordinator. “During this pandemic it is important to give children a chance to explore a book and take their minds off what is going on for just a little. Being healthy isn’t just about seeing a doctor. Literacy plays a role in social determinant of health.” The giveaway was a welcomed sight for parents and children. “Thank you!” a parent said. “I didn’t know what else to give the boys to read.” Nava added that they are working to provide books to multiple communities.