EBT Holders Warned They May Be Targets of Identity Theft

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — Los Angeles County residents who have been issued electronic cards to access government food benefits are being warned to keep their personal information safe from scammers.

The Department of Public Social Services does not have any reports of  an increase of said scams occurring. Nonetheless, the agency urges EBT card holders not to give out their Social Security number or other personal information and to always safeguard their EBT number and PIN code.

“Do not use your EBT card to apply for other benefits/services/programs such as cell phones,’’ the department warned in a flyer. Identity thieves sometimes take photos or copy the numbers from benefits cards to transfer the dollars for their own use, the department said. 

Anyone seeking to verify benefits to apply for other programs can go to https://www.yourbenefits.laclrs.org/ybn/Index.html or call DPSS customer service at 866-613-3777.