New Ways for Parents and Kids to Bond Over a Pop Culture Classic

(StatePoint) Pop culture nostalgia can be an amazing way for parents and kids to bond, especially when old classics get new twists.

In the case of Nickelodeon’s “Blue’s Clues,” a show which first premiered in 1996, parents and kids have new ways to share their love for the curriculum-driven interactive series. Beyond enjoying the series’ reboot, “Blue’s Clues & You!,” which has had a new generation of preschoolers searching for clues with beloved Blue and new host Josh since 2019, families can keep the fun going after television time is over in the following ways:

• Parents and kids can build, create and learn together with new block sets featuring their favorite characters. The LeapBuilders Blue’s Clues & You! Blue’s 123 School includes smart, easy-to-hold building blocks and double-sided learning blocks featuring numbers and objects. Kids can build a school for Blue, Josh and Magenta that includes a school bus and show-and-tell area, or use their imaginations to build anything they want.

• Parents and kids can act out the show and take turns being Josh and Blue, then try creating their own clues to solve.

• Using the LeapBuilders Blue’s Clue’s & You! Learning Letters Train, families can build a train for Blue and Josh to ride and go on an alphabet adventure. Then, build anything they can imagine with the building blocks and double-sided learning blocks that feature letters and objects.

 • Those with a sweet tooth can head over to Pinterest, where there is a collection of amazing recipes and inspiration for baking Blue’s Clues-themed cupcakes, cookies and more.

• Get creative with the LeapBuilders Blue’s Clues & You! 81-Piece Jumbo Blocks Box. Building blocks and double-sided learning blocks feature letters and objects, while three double-sided building cards inspire creativity. For even more fun, combine the learning blocks from any of these sets with other LeapBuilders sets, sold separately, that include an electronic Smart Star cube. The Smart Star will respond with fun sounds, educational songs and learning phrases to enhance building play and extend the fun.

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Thanks to a new twist on a beloved classic show, parents can share an inter-generational fandom with their children in a way that makes learning exciting.