Pierce College Offering Free Meals to Students

While there has been assistance for children attending public school, college students who are trying to keep their studies going often find themselves falling through the cracks.

Many who worked while attending college have found it difficult to  find employment or keep it due to the ongoing health pandemic and now find themselves”food insecure,” as in sometimes not knowing when and where their next meal is coming from.

Pierce College is offering free meals for students enrolled in its Brahma Pantry and Basic Needs Program. The college, working in partnership with Everytable, will have access to healthy pre-cooked meals during contactless drive-through food distribution events.

The food distributions, began in December, and will continue until  June.

“The goal of these events is to reduce food insecurities of our students,” said Brahma Pantry Lead D’arcy Corwin. “We hope to help students feel motivated, encouraged and cared for, and to ensure that students stay on the path to success and continue their education, especially during times of great need.” 

Everytable, a mission-driven food company founded in 2016, supports justice and equality by providing nutritious food that is both accessible and affordable for everyone.

“Pierce College and its Brahma Pantry are such a vital resource for students experiencing hunger and food insecurity, now heightened during the pandemic,” said Sam Polk, Everytable founder and CEO. “We are honored to partner with them in this effort to provide nutritious meals to so many deserving students.”

Students are required to preregister for the event and bring their ticket for confirmation. Each qualifying student will receive individually packaged meals, including a Rainbow Vegan Salad, Puebla Chicken Tinga, Turkey Taco Bowl and Southwest Burrito, for themselves and their families.

Once on campus, students were directed to drive through the designated meal pick-up location to receive their bag of meals for the week.

“We aim to alleviate stressors in order to help students be successful at the college and beyond,” Corwin said.

While the Brahma Pantry and Basic Needs Program is currently closed for in-person services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students can reach out remotely via phone, Zoom and email. Virtual Assistance through Cranium Café is available Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Registered Pierce College students can enroll by completing the Brahma Pantry Welcome Form. Visit The Brahma Pantry and Basic Needs Program website to learn more about all of the ways Pierce College is helping students.