To the editor,

The Senate has returned to Washington, D.C. after the election. Senators need to hear loud and clear: Our country’s judicial system is in crisis and urgent action is required. Six justices on the Supreme Court have issued decisions that have lasting effects on our lives. Gun safety, separation of church and state, the government’s ability to fight climate change, and of course abortion rights were all significantly weakened or eviscerated by radical decisions of the Trump Court. And this term, the Supreme Court is already poised to decide cases on major issues such as affirmative action, LGBTQ justice, and voting rights.

We need a path forward. That means building a better judiciary — one that protects our civil and human rights. The Senate must strengthen our courts by filling every federal judicial vacancy with diverse nominees committed to upholding equal justice and protecting our rights. Judges on our district and circuit courts decide the majority of cases, and those nominated to fill these important roles must be our senators’ priority. Over the next few weeks, Senator Feinstein and Senator Padilla must make confirming diverse nominees who are committed to equal justice a top priority. They must confirm all judicial nominees awaiting full Senate action by the end of this Congress.

Michelle Fowle, founder and chair of Northridge Indivisible

AD45 Delegate for California Democratic Party