Thanksgiving is here, a time for families to come together and appreciate the good things in life. Although the past couple of years have been difficult for many families, some from around the City of San Fernando community still feel grateful.

For most families, what they’re most thankful for is being able to spend time with friends and their loved ones. Those who were in attendance at Pioneer Park this Sunday to watch kids from the San Fernando National Little League play out their last games of the year were no different.

Uriel Rodriguez is one of the coaches for the Little League, as well as a board member. As well as being grateful for friends and family, he’s looking forward to relaxing over the long weekend.

“I can unwind now that the [Little League] season is over,” Rodriguez said.

Sergio Gutierrez was at the park with his wife and two children. He said that his son — who is on the minor league team — cried when he heard that the season had been canceled. However, he’s grateful that the coaches came together to host the games anyway, lifting his son’s spirits. In addition, he’s glad that he’s still around to see his loved ones.

“I’m grateful for my family, work and being alive,” he said.

Another parent named Angie, who declined to provide her last name, was watching her son on the major league team and was happy to see him celebrate his win in the last game of the season. She said she was grateful for the City of San Fernando community, particularly the one surrounding Pioneer Park.

“Pioneer Park has a great community, everyone here knows each other,” she said.

The Little League Senior Manager David Magana helped to organize the last games of the season after it was officially canceled. He’s glad that he’s still alive and healthy while COVID-19 is still a health risk for many people. He hopes that people stay safe and don’t put themselves in situations that might get them, or their families, hurt.

“[We have to] keep on going strong, take it one day at a time, go day by day and stay safe,” Magana said. “And hopefully, we can all be here the next day and into the new year.”